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Living Abroad: In What Language Do You Feel Emotions ?

I came across this interesting article about some studies on languages used by multilingual third culture kids (TCKs) to express various emotions in different situations. Language is strongly tied to identity and when we speak more than one language the one we chose to … Continue reading

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Should We Let Our Children Cry ?

Today is last day of school ! My son had pain and tears this morning, he said he will never see his friends again as we are moving  to another country this summer. He showed me the school yearbook and I … Continue reading

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How To Move On After Moving In ?

Any move to a new home, either next door, next state or across continents is a “moving” experience in more than one way. No matter how often you changed residence before, moving brings a variety of emotions. I have been … Continue reading

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Does Raising Bilingual Children Make Them Smarter ?

Learning simultaneously two languages at very young age develops certain areas of the brain that are different when a second language is acquired later in life in high school or college for example. The bilingual brain has one large area … Continue reading

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How Cultures Impact The Brain and Expat Lives?

1-Basic concepts of cultural neurosciences There is a lot of new research going on in the field of cultural neurosciences, looking at the relations existing between cultural dimensions and the brain’s activity referred by some scientists as  brain’s plasticity. Tufts … Continue reading

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