Zest and Zen International Coaching

Anne Egros is the founder of Zest and Zen International, a Global Leadership, International Career and Expat Life Coaching and Training Company.

The Name “Zest and Zen” is coming from my experience of bridging Asian cultures with American and European ones:

“The enjoyment you get from life is equal to the positive and creative energy you put into it; that is the essence of Zest. Add the wisdom of Zen and you get the vision, purpose and strength to meet daily challenges with confidence.”

Our clients are expatriate executives, managers, small business owners and multicultural organizations. We offer services in English and French.

We empower our clients to help them reach their full potential by managing effectively their international career and life transitions. We provide tools to define life purpose, personal and professional goals and support for implementing strategies to get long lasting results.

Our services include: 

Workshops and Seminars for Organizations 
-Corporate Culture Training
-Cultural Awareness Training
-Intercultural Communication Training
-Multicultural Team Building 

Global Executive Coaching For Individuals 
-Cultural sensitivity and Emotional Intelligence Development
-Global Leadership Effectiveness
-Behavioral Assessment
-Professional Development and Succession Planning 

Expat Life coaching 
-Spousal Support : Acclimation to a new country, Career Coaching
-Work/Life Balance Development
-Culture Shock Awareness and Personal Support

  • We can operate worldwide using Skype, Phone or In Person.

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