The 5 Whys: How To Make New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

The most common New Year's resolutions – and how to stick to them

The most common New Year’s resolutions – and how to stick to them Picture CREDIT: REX FEATURES, EDDIE MULHOLLAND FOR THE TELEGRAPH, PA

It is the end of the year, like each year you are starting thinking about your New Year resolutions. You have the same goals that you have failed before but this time, unlike last year, you really want to make changes that last forever.

So first ask yourself:

What do you value?

  • What’s most important to you in life? Why?
  • What kind of person do you want to be? Why?

Are you living those values? Chances are not as well as you’d like.

When we don’t do what we believe or feel in our gut to be “right”, we don’t feel good. And our bodies show it.

Knowing what’s important to us and why gives us direction and purpose.

If we live according to those values, life (and often, good health) “flows” almost effortlessly.

We also need to know why these things matter to us.

The reason why we are not reaching our goals is often because they are not aligned with our deep values, we don’t know our deep motivation, the core of why we do what we do.

Please select 1 to 3 goals you have for next year in this poll to see what are the most popular new year resolutions :

Then choose one.

 Do your actions match your values? The 5 Whys

The “5 Whys” was a system originally used by the Toyota Motor Corporation. It’s very simple and really cuts to the core of why we want something.

When you want to accomplish something (or if something goes wrong), you ask one why. Why do I want to accomplish this?

Then, with whatever answer you come up with, you ask why to that first answer.

And so on, five times.

Here’s an example from a Precision Nutrition Coaching client:

“I want to lose weight.”

  • Why do I want to lose weight?
    Because I want to fit into a smaller size of pants.
  • But why do I want to fit into a smaller size of pants?
    Because when I’m wearing smaller pants, I think I’ll look better.
  • But why do I want to look better?
    Because when I look good, I feel good about myself.
  • But why do I want to feel good about myself?
    Because when I feel good about myself, I’m more assertive and confident.
  • But why do I want to be more assertive and confident?
    Because when I’m more assertive and confident, I’m in control and better able to get what I want out of life.

For me, when I joined the PN coaching program,  losing weight really meant being in charge of my life.

That’s a crucial insight.

For most people losing weight is not just looking better in a smaller pair of pants or a lower weight on the scale.

People want to feel a certain way at the end of the process. More confident. More assertive. More in control.

And that’s what’s really important to peopel

The pants are just a way to get there.

Why start with why?

If you’d like to learn more about why “why?” is important, check out this video.


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